The secret to living is giving. Aren is involved in some charity projects that you might want to support. ake a donation to these worthy causes.. and Aren may or may not send you a personalized interpretive dance video to represent his gratitude.

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Seva is a Punjabi word that means selfless giving.

Charity work is a huge part of Aren’s life and has played a massive role in his development and healing from his past lifestyle. He has partnered with several charities in Bali, feel free to donate to them and support causes that really deserve our help.

– The Secret To Living Is Giving

Yayasan Widya Guna

A school for mentally disabled children 10 minutes outside Ubud, Bali. This school is a safe haven for children with serious disabilities that prevent them from living normal lives and being accepted by their community.
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Bali Children’s Project

This incredible non-profit foundation is dedicated to helping children in Bali escape poverty through education. Aren has partnered with Bali Children’s Project to create the community initiative “The Happy Mattress Project.” Aren has leveraged his networking talents along with BCP’s network of Balinese children in need to provide hundreds of beds for underprivileged children to sleep on.

The first Happy Mattress Project was a huge success, and each instalment continues to get bigger and better. Find out more below:

Happy Mattress Charity Summit

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